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Zagazig University seeks since its establishment in 1974 over forty years to become one of the greatest regional universities that actively participates in the comprehensive national development. As the university provides education quality, a democratic climate which allows creativity and opportunity for positive competitiveness, for that the university attracts students and researchers from all around the Arab world. In the light of political, social, economic changes, as well as technological revolution that we witness nowadays, we are confidently stepping towards new horizons for our future. The crucial question here is how to draw our road map together to the future? In such changes, all universities around the world seek to contribute to the development of their communities in various fields of life. Zagazig University seeks to fulfill this commitment in the light of the current global competitive environment so as to create a rich and supportive climate for students and researchers to graduate distinguished graduates who can compete in labor markets in order to be distinguished citizens who share in the development of their country. To achieve these, Zagazig University steadily undertakes rapid steps to modernize and develop its infrastructure, academic and research programs and administrative systems as an integrated system including faculty members, their assistants, and administrative stuff acting as a beacon of knowledge, a producer of ideas and a source of innovation in conformity with international standards of quality and accreditation. As the president of Zagazig University, I am really proud of what our great university has achieved in the fields of education, scientific research, and management. So l hope that every member of the university honestly, sincerely and creatively share in achieving our goals and realizing our mission as an outstanding university.

Zagazig University President

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