• Services for new students and staff such as the medical checkup

    The Website management allows the new university students the possibility to make a medical checkup, the beneficiaries of the service are the new university students

  • Service of providing exams models for previous years

    The Website management at the University of Zagazig allows the possibility that the university students and graduate students can get the exams models for previous academic years through the university website.

  • The Exam and Study shedules are at the university site

    The possibility of publishing the courses, study and exams schedules at the site of the university, the beneficiary of the service are the students

  • Service of nominating for student union

    The conditions that must be available to get the service: are inside the news

  • Applying to register in a course in Zagazig University

    This is done in several steps carried out by the student

  • A paid service for students by charging cards of the university

    It is a provided service for students, faculty members and all the university staff at the university also the graduate students which allows all to purchase cards such as charging cards of mobile phones

  • The University map on the Mobile

    It is a service to add a particular application on mobile phones such as the map of Zagazig University and the prominent places in it such as colleges, institutes, the museum and administrations to make it easier for the visitor or new student to access to anywhere he wants in a simple time

  • Sending the news of the university on Mobile

    It is a new service that allows the faculty members and students to continue the newest and latest news at the University or colleges and institutes through sending sms to their mobile phones

  • Publishing the university publications electronically

    All what have been printed under the name of the university or its colleges or units will be published electronically on the site and stored continually as an evidence of the integrated services

  • Participation in social sites

    There are many social networking sites which strongly attract the students and faculty members, such as: • Facebook • twitter • YouTube • Google • MySpace

  • Online Training

    There are many student’s activities which are available to students at the university such as: • Trips • camps • Seminars • Participation in literary and cultural activities

  • Participation in student’s activities

    Providing training service on subjects and knowing curriculums by attending training courses online

  • Payment in cash

    Providing this service for the faculty members at the university and students for any service or any participation requires it

  • The student’s admission at the university

    In the context of the e-government system which is supported by all the state authorities, the Ministry of Higher Education provided the electronic Coordination Service to the successful students in the Egyptian High School exam when they are nominated to be accepted at colleges and institutes after the abolition of the paper coordination system

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