• Integration with government services

    Integration with the government sites is necessary to provide important services for the faculty members and students at the university through the university site instead of entering at the government websites to get the required service

  • Joining the university cities

    Electronic registration through the university site on the University City site in which the student will register for himself then he will complete the registration procedures and the payment of the prescribed fees

  • Digital Library Service

    The Egyptian universities libraries Union www.eulc.edu.eg is one portal to serve the scientific research inside the Egyptian universities

  • E-learning for students

    It is a form of distance education that can be defined as a way to teach using new communication mechanisms like computer, networks, multimedia and Internet portals to deliver information to students as soon as possible with less cost

  • University MIS

    This service is provided all of the university students life such as registration at colleges, getting the student’s code number to complete his personal details and register him at his own department then choosing the subjects and the payment of tuition and expenses to know the exams result of student

  • E-mail for the student

    It is a provided service by Microsoft Corporation for students by creating an E-mail to each student at the college and the university level where the student is registered in and the E-mail of the student will be activated until two years after graduation

  • Announcement of the exams results of students

    The website management at Zagazig University announces the exams results of students at the university site upon it have been approved

  • Downloading the students documents

    You can download the students application forms

  • Suggested Services

    Services for the faculty members to get a report of having a CV and an E-mail for each one of them on the university site.

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