• Digital Repository

    It is a gateway to the digital publishing repository for the university scientific sources that includes the scientific repository of the faculty members research , theses, scientific journals and published books by faculty members and student projects.

  • Staff Search

    An application which will be used to search for the data of the registered faculty members at the university through the college name, the department or the member name to facilitate the access to the data as soon as possible

  • Completing the data of the faculty members

    It is a provided service to the faculty members and their assistants to complete their data such as the main data, scientific research and conferences, so as to enable them to obtain a report to get the appropriate promotions

  • Faculty members Club

    It is a social club for the faculty members and their families for practicing various social activities such as Umrah flights and summer resort.

  • Integration with government services

    Integration with the government sites is necessary to provide important services for the faculty members and students at the university through the university site instead of entering at the government websites to get the required service.

  • Converting the curriculums into electronic courses

    Converting the curriculums of the faculty members at the university into electronic courses and made it available on the e-learning website in accordance with the international regulations and standards to benefit their students.

  • Global databases

    It is your portal for magazines and researches in digital form

  • Digital Library Service

    It is one portal to serve the scientific research inside the Egyptian universities.

  • Sites of faculty members

    Providing a range of personal space on the servers of the University for the Personal Website of the faculty member and providing means of safety for the site and the data it contains.

  • Downloading documents for the faculty members

    You can download faculty members forms .

  • E-mail for the faculty members

    Providing an E-mail for the faculty members and assistants which allowing the user to send and receive e-mails with a real reference for the work body, not a commercial reference

  • Suggested Services

    Services for the faculty members to get a report of having a CV and an E-mail for each one of them on the university site.

    The University Boards

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