Converting the curriculums into electronic courses

Converting the curriculums of the faculty members at the university into electronic courses and made it available on the e-learning website in accordance with the international regulations and standards to benefit their students.


 E-learning is a form of distance learning that can be defined as a way to teach using the mechanisms of modern communication like the computer, networking, multimedia and Internet portals to deliver information to students as soon as possible with less cost and in a way to manage the educational process , measuring it and evaluating the performance of students .

Or it presents educational and training programs across a variety of electronic media , including disks and the Internet in  synchronous or asynchronous manner and by accrediting the principle of self-learning or learning with the help of a teacher .

Distance learning is an educational system that enables the student of an educational attainment and take advantage of the educational process in all its aspects without moving to the location of the study also it enables the lecturers to deliver information and discussions to the recipients without moving to them , as it allows the student to choose his educational program in accordance with the conditions of his work and the proper and available training for him to learn without the need to drop out of work or abandon social engagements


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