Joining the university cities

Joined halls provide service

Electronic registration through the campus site of the University on the following link: "" by entering the student (Old / Newbie) on the site and carrying out the registration process for himself in accordance with the deadlines to apply for university cities and posted on the location, and then apply thereafter to inquire about the acceptance halls.

In the case of acceptance follow these steps:

Progress and Alaaqrart guidance for the year 2016-2017

1. (2) Sourhbtaqh national number for each of the student / student with the submission of the original brief.

2-image of the national ID card for Oaldao guardian.

3-certified medical document from the university stating Aladarhtabah free student / student of infectious diseases.

4-number (7) a recent photograph of the student / student.

5-portrait deliver electricity / water / phone interview or Supply-card with the submission of the original.

6. Case statement contains the college band and appreciation point of access to public secondary

Terms and Conditions:

- Married students unauthorized entry of University City

- Directed unauthorized join students for them to enter the university campus housing only featured

-tlab Holders of equivalent certificates are housed distinctive housing

7-send a photograph of the student on the following e-mail: in order to work Karnahat students to be called the picture on behalf of the student and the national figure.

Then download files attached by the site to provide the university city accepted by

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