E-mail for the faculty members


 E-mail service is made for the faculty members and assistants on the official e-mail of the University

Providing an E-mail for the faculty members and assistants which allowing the user to send and receive e-mails with a real reference for the work body, not a commercial reference such as (yahoo, Gmail .....) that is used in official correspondence .
The intended of this service:
- Faculty members in various grades and assistants .
Conditions to get the service:
 There are no conditions.
The required data and documents :
The availability of his information in the management information system of the University
The required forms :
An application form to make an e-mail .
Steps to implement the service , and the expected time:
- Demanding the e-mail application form and completing the data.
- Present the form to the team work of the e-mail .
- The E-mail will be created at once
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E-mail service for Faculty members and assistants on Office 365

A free reliable service with international specifications and the availability guaranty is 99.9% with great advantages,  characteristics and free technical support . A program that provides privacy and protects faculty members from any in (Bad Words Filter)
Provides tools which serving the higher education sector , such as (Class Sites - Study Groups) which will help to increase the chances of communication between universities and colleges, colleges and faculty members, faculty members and students as well as students and students .
Services which are offered through an official range in the name of the university , which helps to connect faculty members formally with programs which provide new and sophisticated solutions (Virtual Classroom) through Lync Online and the possibility of making training and meetings without leaving the institution and disrupting work
A service that provides security and confidentiality of information and data and can be accessed in many ways (Desktops - Tablets - Laptops - Smart Phones)
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