Grants and scientific missions from Russia, France, Pakistan

Grants from Russia 2013 (PhD and scientific missions)

Declares the central administration of missions for opening the door to apply for scholarships offered by the Federal Republic of Russia in the framework of the executive program between the two countries so as to obtain a doctorate degree and scientific missions for the academic year 2013/2014
Areas of study: basic science
Grant period: PhD 3 years other than age for the study of the Russian language scientific missions for 6 months
Grant awarded: bear missions do not bear on the other hand to complete the grant provided by the Russian side, according to the protocol of cooperation to equal remuneration of a member of the mission single addition to the provisions for the family and tickets back and return.
Terms of applying for grants:
The candidate must be an Egyptian national and aides faculty Egyptian public universities or research institutes or centers.
Not exceed the age of the candidate for a doctorate for 32 years and for 45 years of scientific missions in the beginning of October 2013.
That the candidate had spent at least two years service.
For doctoral candidate: that it has not been registered for Ph.D. homeland more than a year and a half at the beginning of October 2013.
Proficiency in English language with advanced pass TOEFL Local (500) degrees.
Applicants for scientific missions: who need to have a doctorate degree from one of the Russian-speaking countries, as well as providing research plan in the Russian language, also stipulates that has the mission to service at least two years after earning a doctorate degree.
When completing the grant form must specify the number of specialty of the booklet devoted to it (which can be found missions)
Recipients will be treated by these grants financially treatment member is at the expense of the missions
Required paperwork to apply for grants as follows:
Documents required when applying preparation for initial selection:
• Form data in Arabic credit from the employer
• research plan in English credit
Note that the last date for submission of documents for the central management of missions: 03/25/2013 (public administration to oversee scientific and IFAD) the seventh floor Liberation complex lap 8


2 - postdoctoral grants for 2013 from the University of Lyon, France

Granted the University of Lyon, France, awarded for research in the natural sciences, law, computer science and many other sciences.

For more information and progress requirements are available at:

3 - scholarships for Master's and PhD from the National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan
Organization of Islamic Cooperation progress in Jeddah in cooperation with the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan for 20 scholarships for master's and doctoral students take advantage of them to the Member States of the Organization for details.
Please check out the offer no later than May 31, 2013

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