Research In Paris

Paris announces competitive grants for scientific missions (postdoctoral) for foreign scientists to conduct research in laboratories for research Parisian for a specific period of time. This program aims to create a new collaboration or consolidating Old cooperation between research laboratories in the cities of the world and research institutes in Paris.

* Terms of the grant: -

1 - The applicant must be a holder of a doctorate during the last five years.
2 - The applicant must be employed by the research.
3 - There Kzllk percentage of doctorate holders in more than five years.

* Deadline for submission: - 28 February 2013 at noon.

* Progress forms can be downloaded, as well as delivery of securities from the following website: -

For technical support contact and visit development projects management unit university
T / 0552372518
M / 01274547464

M / 01066183637

Or e-mail contact for the unit:

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