Research grants program for researchers Egyptians who obtained his Ph.D.

Declares the Center for Studies and BA programs from opening the door to apply for research grants program in 2013, where the center offers a number of scholarships for postdoctoral research scientists and young Egyptian researchers who work on outstanding research in the following scientific areas: -
1 - Information Science and Technology and Bioinformatics.
2 - biology and biotechnology.
3 - the science of chemistry and biochemistry.
4 - Science VWO.
5 - Science Engineering and Technology.
6 - Earth Sciences.
7 - Agricultural Sciences.
8 - Mathematical Sciences.
9 - Medical Sciences.
10 - physics and biophysics.
And conditions apply
1 - 1 - Egyptian scientists and researchers who have obtained a doctorate during the past five years (after December 2007)
2 - The applicant must work in an academic institution or research tracking the public or private sector in Egypt and that the search is mainly in Egypt.
3 - to co-researcher or can participate in a joint scientific research with a foreign entity in a university or research center outside Egypt.
4 - age should not exceed researcher for 35 years in January 2013.
5 - applications must be submitted grant no later than April 30, 2013
For more information and to provide grant access on the following link: -
For technical support contact and visit development projects management unit university
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Or e-mail contact for the unit:

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