Research grant from the French Institute in Egypt to travel to France Date: 04/15/2013

In the framework of cooperation between France and Egypt in the field of scientific research has been open to apply for the scholarship program sponsored by the French Institute in Egypt, Egyptian researchers who want to go to a French laboratory to complete part of their scientific research.
Three scientific missions available are:
1. Granting short-term phase Degree:
These grants went to Egyptian researchers enrolled in doctoral PhD at the University of Egypt who wish to complete part of their mission work in a French university or a French research center in 2013 where the maximum duration of the grant is 4 months and according to the project.
2. Special grants in post-doctoral:
These grants jurisdiction to the researchers Egyptians of young الذىين got a PhD for less than 6 years and want to get a grant in the scientific French lab where the grant and times vary according to the project and that the maximum extent of the grant period is 6 months.
3. Scientific missions to researchers from the experts:
These missions travels to Egyptian researchers of experts from the research center or university in Egypt and who over more than 6 years on obtaining a doctorate.
So as to obtain a short-term grant in a French laboratory to hold conferences or start projects based on cooperation.
General conditions for the three types of missions:
1. The mission granted only for 2013
2. Are pre-selection of projects after consultation with the global evaluation committee and could be an interview with Advanced in Cairo.

4. Covered by the grant of social insurance and salary and housing International logistical ensures not.
5. Applicant can run whatever his field research, where the areas of interest are - Health Sciences
- Nano Technology
- Energy
- Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
- Engineering Sciences
- Sustainable city and improve cultural services
- Humanities and Social Sciences

Note that applications are received only by filling out the form directly on the website of the French Institute for Egypt

Where the door is opened file in the period from 16 April until June 3, 2013
Progress file must include the following:
1. Fully form pounding
2. Summary of a research project involving the work program and the desired results.
3. Allegedly causing a letter from an official laboratory indicated the dates of your stay and the duration of the grant and the subject of the work program.
4. Modern biography attached photograph.
5. A letter of recommendation modern editor by Egyptian university professor.
6. A photocopy of the last certificate obtained by the researcher.
7. A photocopy of the passport.
8. Applicants obtaining such a grant by the final statement must be provided the results that have been reached at the end of the previous grant and justify the renewal of the first test.

For more information, please contact the Project Management Unit No.:
0552372518 T /
01274547464 Mobile /
01066183637 Mobile /
Or e-mail contact for the unit:

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