Program of fellowships for doctoral degree candidates from developing countries on: 04/02/2013

New agreement between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World ((TWAS, which will be responsible for providing support back and forth for the travel of 50 schools each year to and from China, and also save expenses visa and contribute to the excess baggage charges to stay in China for more than 12 months.
Successful candidates receive a monthly salary (including living expenses, travel expenses and local health insurance) depending on accept the nomination for the PhD.
In the case of failure in the qualification test twice within one year face the end results of the study and fellowship.
The winners will be exempt fellowship of tuition fees.
For funding of the program is 4 years,
General Conditions for applicants:
1 - Do not assume other duties during the period of the fellowship;
2 - be nationals of a developing country;
3 - You should not carry any visa for temporary or permanent residence in developed countries;
4 - to be financially responsible for any member of the family has facilities in case of escort escorts.
Applicants should grant doctoral studies also meet the specific criteria for admission to international students from UCAS (please refer to the following location)
How to apply for a fellowship fill "model acceptance for foreign students
The attached order form for fellowship
1 - certified copy of the certificate of the highest degree (graduates this year to provide a certificate before graduation)
2 - certified copy of the minutes of undergraduate and graduate studies;
3 - Biography detailed research proposal;
4 - A copy of the first page of a regular passport.
5 - A copy of the title page and a summary of the published papers;
6 - the physical examination form.
Deadline for submission of June 15, 2013
Contact Info
19A Yuquanlu, Beijing, 100049 China
Tel: +86 10 88256424; 88256206
Fax: +86 10 88256207
TWAS Fellowships Office
TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world
ICTP Campus, Strada Costiera 11, 34151, Trieste, Italy
Tel: +39 040 2240314
Fax: +39 040 2240689

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