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1 Ain Shams University launches an initiative to decorate the walls of the University
2 President of Ain Shams University meets with a delegation from the Chinese Publishers Group
3 Minister of Higher Education holds a meeting with the Fund of improving the wages of employees in Egyptian universities at Ain Shams University
4 Ain Shams University Portal congratulates you by the holy month of Ramadan
5 Ain Shams University honors 280 employees during the celebration of the ideal employee at Ain Shams University
6 Minister of Higher Education and Minister of Transport and the President of Ain Shams University inaugurate an integration initiative with Faculty of Engineering
7 Faculty of Agriculture honors the champions of special abilities for Uganda Championship
8 Faculty of Commerce launches a series of training courses in cooperation with the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation
9 My idea ... The First Forum of Innovations by Students of Faculty of Agriculture
10 Ain Shams University officially receives the international QS certification
11 Folk Arts team of Ain Shams University offers artistic shows in Jordan
12 Ajman University Honors President of Ain Shams University after Participating in Rethink Tank International Summit
13 Renewal of the appointment of the Vice-Dean of the College of Childhood
14 A large interaction and attendance intensity of students of the Faculty of Commerce and Al-Alsun in Microsoft Workshop
15 For the third day in a row, Microsoft workshops continues at Ain Shams University
16 A marvelous conclusion of the 36 Nations festival at Ain Shams University
17 Students of Ain Shams University win the Awards of 6th creativity Competition
18 Vice President for Education and Students opens six amphitheaters at Al Alsun Faculty
19 Faculty of Nursing organizes the eighth annual cultural festival of the environment
20 Announcement of the winners of the first positions in the competitions of the Nation's Week Festival

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