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1 Important announcement from the Information Technology Services Unit
2 Mr. Prof. Dr. Hassan Abbas Mohammed inspects the course of exams in the college
3 Announcement for students
4 Forming a committee of ethics of scientific research and publishing
5 The Board of Directors of the Adult Education Center
6 An important alert for all students
7 The Faculty of Pharmacy council monthly meeting on Monday 21-5-2018.
8 تهنئة السيد الاستاذ الدكتور عميد معهد جنوب مصر للأورام للدكتورة / هبة عبدالرازق سيد لترقية سيادتها لدرجة أستاذ
9 Seminar on "Academic standards and characterization of programs and decisions and preparation of their reports"
10 تهنئة السيد الاستاذ الدكتور / سامي عبدالرحمن عميد معهد جنوب مصر للأورام للدكتور / حمزة عباس حمزة لترقية سيادتة لدرجة أستاذ متمتنيا لة دوام التوفيق والنجاح الدائم
11 تهنئة السيد الاستاذ الدكتور عميد معهد جنوب مصر للأورام للدكتور / عادل جمعة محمد جبر لترقية سيادتة لدرجة أستاذ مساعد
12 Discussion of the master's thesis submitted by Ms. Dr. Hiba Mohammed Mustafa al-Medeh in the Department of Anatomy and Anthropology of the faculty
13 Meeting of the committee for community and environmental development in the Faculty of Pharmacy on Wednesday 16-5-2018.
14 A meeting of the laboratories and scientific equipment committee on Wednesday 16-5-2018.
15 Announcement
16 Meeting of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy on Sunday 13-5-2018.
17 Condolences
18 Discussion of master thesis submitted by researcher/ Thoraya Hassan Abdel Fattah
19 Meeting of Faculty Council of May 2018
20 Civil protection instructions to preserve the integrity of the human and material component of the university

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