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1 Pediatrics’ Cardiology: Challenges & Solutions
2 Participation of Kafrelsheikh University president in the First Forum of Federation of Russian & Arabic Universities’ Presidents at Beirut
3 Kafrelsheikh University: Past-Present & Future Aspirations
4 Establishment of Animal House for Conducting Research Experiments at Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University
5 Activation of the scientific cooperation in the field of Nano science between Kafrelsheikh university & Institute of Materials Science,Barcelona, Spain
6 “Egyptian National Security” Symposium: at Kafrelsheikh University
7 Arabic Center of Non-native Speakers Witness Graduation of the 5th Batch at Kafrelsheikh University
8 Scholarships for Outstanding Graduates from Scientific Research Academy
9 Kafrelsheikh University supply the Institute of Science & Nanotechnology with Atomic Force Microscope
10 Scientific Symposium at Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University: Integration of Scientific researches with Industry “
11 Arabic Language Center for Non-native Speakers
12 Kafrelsheikh University president welcoming Agricultural Consultant at the Dutch Embassy in Cairo
13 Acceptance of new admissions for International applications to Comstats Pakistani Institute for Information Technology
14 Kafrelsheikh University ‘ Deans Council condemns the US Decision on Jerusalem
15 Kafrelsheikh University president Welcoming Saudi Cultural Counselor at Kafrelsheikh University
16 Protest of Kafrelsheikh University Students against American Decision of AlKods
17 Kafrelsheikh University is receiving a Group of Academic Staff from Algerian Universities for Training at its updated Scientific & Research Laboratories
18 Smart Systems; Data Mining (Application & Trends)’ symposium
19 “Deepening the Culture of Free Business & the Role of Small Projects in Economic & Social Development’ Symposium
20 Continuation of Collaborative Cooperation between Kafrelsheikh University & Stirling University, Scotland

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