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1 Elkhosht: ،Egyptian Mind Development Being Basis of Achieving Egyptian Society Renaissance
2 Elkhosht Checks out Progress of Open Education and Blended Education Exams at Cairo University
3 Cairo University Continues Activities of Future Leader Camp with Meeting Writer and Journalist Wael Elsemary for Discussing Role of Media in Egyptian Mind Development
4 Akram Alkassass about Cairo University Initiative of Egyptian Mind Development: ،The Initiative Should be Transferred to Egyptian Society,
5 Elkhosht: ،New 23 Study Programs in B.Sc. and B.A. Stage and Blended Education Approved at Cairo University Faculties and 3 Professional Post-graduate Programs Developed,
6 Cairo University Continues Future Leaders Camp Activities to Students on Egyptian Mind Development and Hosts Editor-in-Chief of Gomhouria Newspaper in Open Dialog with Students
7 Cairo University Announces Organizing Major Artistic Competition to Form Music Orchestra at University
8 Elkhosht: ،New 7 Credit-Hour Programs Accredited at Faculty of Arts Cairo University to Start by 2018/2019
9 Cairo University President: ،Real Start to Receive Egyptian Mind Being Change of Thinking Methods,
10 Elkhosht: ،We Need Founding New Egyptian Mind.. We should get rid of Conspiracy and Justification Cultures,
11 Cairo University Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Georgia American College for Research and Academic Cooperation in Agriculture
12 Cairo University Finishes Arrangements for Works of Coordination Office for University Admissions
13 Cairo University President Meets Japanese Ambassador in Cairo and Delegation to Discuss Means of Cooperation with Japanese Universities
14 Cairo University: ،Duration of Applying to Competition of Designing Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurship Extended to July 15,
15 Faculty of Engineering Cairo University Organizes Orientation Seminar on Study Programs to Students of GSC and Equal Certificates
16 Elkhosht: ،Student Transfer Requests Received at Cairo University Faculties Starting from 1st of August,
17 Cairo University Senate Approves Establishing Special Unit for Managing Productive Projects and Companies
18 Cairo University President: ،Kasr Ainy Being Developed with EGP 5 Billions and Agreement Signed for Developing National Cancer Institute with EGP 300 Millions,
19 Elkhosht Discusses Mechanisms of Scientific and Academic Cooperation with Delegation Representing Major UK Universities
20 Cairo University Launches Future Leaders Camp on Egyptian Mind Development

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