The announcement of the acceptance of the Researches of 2015 as of 03/03/2016 until 02/04/2016.
An announcement In the framework of encouraging the faculty members and their assistants in concerning of scientific research and publishing in reputable international scientific journals : Prof.Dr./ Vice President for Graduate Studies announces about accepting the researches of 2015 as of March 3, 2016 till April 2, 2016. Applying will be through presenting the original researches after its publishing at scientific journals indicating the year of publication, volume number and page numbers, and in condition of the name of Zagazig University must be clearly registered within the main body of the submitted research for arbitration and there must not be more than one researcher with the same research whether at the same college or at any of the faculties of the university. And the researcher must present the following information: 1. Attach a copy of the national ID card to the applicant for the award that the card is valid for work at the time of progress. 2. Determine the will to communicate with him among the researchers or their representatives within the Arab Republic of Egypt to inquire or complete some paperwork to apply for awards. 3. Full name of the book, according to researchers at the National number allotted in progress leaves the place as well as the university, college and department. 4. book, phone number within the Republic, as well as e-mail to applicants. 5. book, magazine and No. punctuation name (international deposit) ISSN. 6. Date electronically on the World Wide Web publishing in addition to the hard copy printing and clear, on the other CDs. 7. Find provider undertakes for the award sovereignty (sovereignty) validity stated in progress papers for the award Time with the best wishes of progress and prosperity. applying to awards international publication, please register on the site Next

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