Acceptance of papers published in international scientific journals

 The publication in scientific journals is a global fundamentals are important in the classification of universities globally since 2005 and approved by the University Council to reward faculty members on their publication in international journals and regardless incentive for publication.

As part of the promotion of faculty members and their assistants on the attention to scientific research and publication in scientific journals world with high reputation and encourage them distinct the University each year to support scientific research published in the international scientific journals .
And approved by the University Council in its meeting No. ( 451 ) dated 24/12/2013on acceptance of papers published in 2013 with effect from 12.01.2013 until 03.31.2014 to be progress by copying the original research after full published magazines scientific indicating the year of publication and number Volume and page numbers and proofs of publication not accept at all, and are required to be registered name Zagazig University and clearly within the main body of research submitted to arbitration as stipulated by the lack of progress over the same researcher in the same discussion, whether any of the college or university faculties .
And to provide the researcher benefit from unit management information systems beside the university researcher been fulfilled according to the form of the data entered basic research and scientific database management information systems
Please fill out the attached form and submit it with each search .

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