Graduate Management

The Department receives all incoming correspondence from university faculties and its various treaty bodies with regard to graduate students and applicants for registration and registration and respond in the best possible picture reflects the appearance of graduate studies at the university.

Saves file management studies for each student is restricted stage diploma or registered for a master's degree or doctorate and recorded data file records preparing Bladarh for this purpose.

The Alfdarh take all actions of the students enrolled and registered Among these measures (registration Theses - D recording time and stop recording - identify and modify and change topics messages - modify and change the supervision of the Theses - Add Oouhzv or change or modify graduate courses - scheduling exams studies Higher Diploma, Masters, PhD faculties and institutes - the formation of Agan exam qualifying and the formation of committees judgment Ai Theses - degree-granting master's and doctoral diplomas graduate - preparing ministerial decisions student grantees master's and doctoral diplomas graduate - statements prepared graduates for these students - Implementation Council resolutions Graduate Studies and Research and the University Council and inform the colleges and institutes to apply these decisions - be notified security authorities on foreign students and is addressed public administration for expatriates - the Administration prepare statistical data of annual and quarterly numbers of students enrolled in graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD)

* Graduate management achievements during the academic year 2006/2007

During this year accepted (5837) graduate students in various colleges and institutes and their statement is as follows: -

Masters Doctorate Diploma
3648 1736 453

Check all data and documents related to the enrollment and registration of these students

Records have been prepared every college administration to record all the data for these students.

Review the position of these students to pay tuition fees owed by them.

Models have been prepared for the issues experienced by the student during the period of registration or registration to be granted diplomas or degrees to facilitate the procedures.

All measures have been taken for granting students degrees and diplomas during this year of preparation grants data - and the decisions of grants - and alumni data to allow for the preparation interim certificates and original granting them diplomas and degrees and their statement is as follows: -

Masters Doctorate Diploma
661 536 242

Study plans were revised for higher studies in all colleges and institutes.

Review assignments for faculty members from outside the university to work teaching and participation in exams and an end to dependence.

Been prepared all the required statistical data during this year.

And Naveed inform you that the General Administration of Graduate Studies and Research try hard to provide the best service for graduate students have also been working network centralized information management-related colleges and institutes University of database configuration graduate so we can contact universities other to open areas more advanced access to the latest technologies that benefit the student in scientific and academic fields in order to apply for the service of scientific research.

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