General Directorate of Libraries

Public administration consists of libraries at the University of Zagazig from the Department of the Central Library and the management of college libraries and manage financial and administrative affairs. And specializes in public administration primarily for libraries, including the following:
Technical supervision of the Central Library and the libraries of colleges and institutes of the University of coordination among them.
Organize training programs for workers in the Central Library and the libraries of colleges and institutes affiliated to the University.
Proposal to appoint library and information professionals to work university libraries.
Express an opinion on the transfer or assignment of personnel from university libraries and need.
Adoption of the annual reports of the Central Library workers.
Validation annual inventories in university libraries and the adoption of results of inventory colleges.
Achieve utilization with information overload vessels need some colleges They can move to take advantage in the colleges you need the approval of the competent colleges.
Exchange and Donate scientific publications and periodicals issued by the university with libraries and scientific bodies inside and outside Egypt.
Create a fiber optic network to connect the college libraries in the Central Library.

Department of the Central Library

Competent management of the Central Library as follows:

Provide information needed by the faculty members and undergraduate students and graduate students and other researchers and in accordance with the rules and regulations.
Collect and organize messages approved for Neil master's and doctoral degrees and made available to the beneficiaries.
Facilitate access to information sources that university libraries are unable to acquire them.
Enter data from the Central Library Holdings on the future program for the management of libraries, according to the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and Marc formate.

Management of college libraries

This administration is concerned with the following:

The development and design of internal business systems in college libraries and follow-up application.
Identify the needs of colleges and libraries follow the procedures provided.
Follow-up of loan made and the extent of compliance with the rules and regulatory decisions.
Help college libraries in the classification and cataloging their holdings in accordance with international standards with follow-up data entry holdings on a future program for library management.
Follow-up to the annual inventory and review these inventories before the approval of the Committee on Libraries and approved by the University Council.

Management of Financial and Administrative Affairs

This administration is concerned with the following:

Budgeting university libraries and follow up their implementation.
Recordkeeping and accounting books and meet enrollment.
Conducting financial settlement and auditing aspects of the exchange.
Overseeing the financial and technical Testament in the General Administration of libraries.
Carry out registration and conservation and secretarial.

Achievements of the General Directorate of Libraries

The General Directorate of Libraries during the academic year 2006/2007, many of the tasks carried out by the fullest, and the most important achievements include:

Run future library management Future Library System development and modernization in order to automate university libraries.
Providing central library and college libraries with the latest books and Arab and foreign references that allow the researcher access to the latest information as soon as possible.
Incorporate some halls in the Central Library in order to improve performance and facilitate the beneficiaries access to the information as soon as possible where they were integrating hall foreign references and Hall of foreign books together, is also integrated Hall Arab library and hall Arabic references together so that was the division by disciplinary knowledge.
Been organizing training courses for public administration workers for libraries to use the future to create bibliographic records in accordance with international standards.
It was agreed with the Supreme Council of Universities on the implementation of the Digital Library Project and the automation (Automation) libraries where they are working on automating business processes university libraries with providing a search service in global databases.
The database was created for scientific journals and magazines issued by the university colleges and allow you to retrieve bibliographic data with the possibility of recovering the full text of articles and research.

Illuminated signs in the history of the General Directorate of Libraries

Supervision and assist in the renovation and modernization of many college libraries library Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture Library and the Library of the Faculty of Education and re-opening of the work in accordance with the modern technological methods.
In 1998 was to create a partition information central library Mahsph and who took the process of creating a fiber optic network to connect the college libraries in the Central Library a core network infrastructure information Zagazig University, a network that is working so far and is currently working on the development.
In 2001 Internet service has been moved up and running speeds of 256 K on a network libraries were connected to this service to all colleges at the university libraries.
In 2002 was the establishment of a network and connect to a network laser libraries to include external sites Zagazig University (Agriculture - Computer and Information Sciences - Veterinary Medicine - university cities).
In 2003 was the work of expansion in the network of libraries to extend to academic departments in colleges in addition to college libraries were connected to many of the computer labs on the network.
In 2004 and is connected to the different units of the development of performance on the network of libraries was also increase the speed of Internet up to 2 MB.
In 2005 clubs technology is connected through a network of libraries as well as raising the ability of Internet service to 4 MB.
In 2005 created two laboratories third floor central library in order to provide Internet service in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Technology clubs.
In 2004 and 2005 has been implementing a project of cooperation between the General Administration of libraries at the University of Zagazig and Technology Center of Communication and Information at the University of Mansoura aims to develop a program future to comply with the needs of university libraries so that it can be used in the management of libraries and already Nhj project and the Supreme Council of Universities to accept the program and disseminate applied to universities Egyptian Joint Digital Library Project and the automation of libraries.

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