Workshop on international networks to the DAAD
Added on: 3/14/2013

Announces management unit development projects in coordination with the DAAD for a training workshop for international networks (International Networking), which Sthadhar Dr. / Mona Altopjy - assistant professor at the National Center for Research and First Advisor to the Fraunhofer in Egypt.
And so on Monday, 25/2/2013 starting at nine in the morning at the management unit development projects and the gentlemen who wish to participate from young faculty members (Assistant Professor - teacher) and their assistants (Assistant Lecturer - Demonstrator) recording speed names and fill the form prepared for that asset at unity and duration of the program will be 6 hours and cover the meaning and importance of workshop and types of networks and how assessment and benefit from them and how to create a private network, promote and participants will be at the end of the training course are able to definition and principles of the networks and know their importance and identified and evaluated.
Attendees will be given a certificate to pass session of the DAAD
Join with the knowledge that the primacy of the seizure and the deadline for registration is Thursday 21/02/2013 Project Management Unit.
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