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Added on: 3/14/2013

Unit organizes project management at the University of Zagazig two important events in the framework of preparations to participate in the intensive funded Altmps projects the European Union, which includes the participation of at least three Egyptian universities and three European universities from three different countries in the process related to the development of content and higher education systems.
Will be the first event is a brainstorming workshop where they are discussing ideas for projects, as well as the formation of work teams appropriate within the university each proposed project and develop a plan of time and functional for each team so completed the initial fulfillment of the requirements of the projects in a timely manner. And this workshop will be held project management unit and subscription is open to everyone and all disciplines, especially those who have contact European universities provided to register in advance of the unit. This workshop will be held on Tuesday, 12.02.2013.
The second event will be a meeting with National Altmps Office, where he will attend Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mehdi Marzouk and team work to show the latest developments in the projects Altmps and as well as meeting the needs of teams consisting of Egyptian foreign partners or working with the appropriate technical support. Interest and to complete it would be appropriate to have each proposed project team has put the project in the form of an initial so it can be evaluated initially filling the weaknesses or deficiencies. The date of this meeting will be on Tuesday, 02/26/2013.
Actual anyone who wishes to participate in these projects the speed of recording his name note that subscription is related to the actual submitted by each member of meaningful work.
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For technical support contact and visit development projects management unit university
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