Egyptian-Tunisian cooperation program
Added on: 1/5/2013

In support of scientific and technological cooperation between the Republic of Tunisia and the Arab Republic of Egypt, it was agreed between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Tunisia and the Ministry of Scientific Research in Egypt on a new type of financing involved in developmental research projects as well as research projects and existing configuration.
This program includes two types of joint research projects:
A - research and training projects:
It aims to exchange experiences through mutual visits between the two countries and through consultancy and scientific meetings for research work teams, and up the value of the funding equivalent of U.S. $ 4,000 for each project and is a research proposal according to the model of progress annex (Annex 1).
B - developmental research projects:
It projects funded financial important for three years. Up budget research project from each side, including the equivalent of 30 thousand U.S. dollars a year and covers aspects of water and the environment, new and renewable energy, agriculture (self-sufficiency / arid regions), science and materials technologies, health sciences, and longer research proposal according to the model of progress annex (Annex 2).
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Note that the deadline for offers is 02/28/2013
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