Specialized workshop Zagazig University hosts experts and specialists for the national project of self-sufficiency of wheat in Egypt Date: 05/19/2013
Added on: 5/22/2013

For a national project for the self-sufficiency of wheat in Egypt hosts Zagazig University, a large number of experts and specialists in a specialized workshop under the title of "self-sufficiency of wheat in Egypt between reality and hope" organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development at the University of Zagazig Development Center capabilities faculty members on Tuesday current corresponding to May 21 at noon sponsored by Chancellor Hassan al-Najjar governor of Eastern Wad. Mohamed Abdel Aal, head of the university.
D said. Hamid Attia Vice President University for Community Service and Environmental Development and Chairman of the workshop that the workshop will discuss several topics on how to increase wheat production
And how to self-sufficiency in production in the coming period with the participation d. Abdul Rahim Ahmad al-Najjar, professor of genetics branching Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, where he talks about the development of new strains of wheat using salt water presents his project for the production and propagation of varieties and new strains of wheat bear high levels of salinity and drought for agriculture Egyptian, and the participation of Engineer Ibrahim Saeed General Coordinator of the food basket in eastern Delta and Sinai, where it displays the current position for the production of wheat, and Engineer Mahmoud Fayed, Director General of the Directorate of Agriculture eastern region where the review and the reality of wheat production during the last ten years, and d. Abubaker Ali professor and agent Institute of Agricultural Research Center crops and talking about the center's role in increasing the productivity of wheat through the presentation of recent experiences in this area.
He added. Khaled Said, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and General Coordinator that will participate in the seminar researchers from the faculties of agriculture, technology and development and science in the field of crop and soil and representatives of executive agencies and ministries concerned to maintain (Agriculture, Irrigation and Supply) trade unions and civil society organizations and committees concerned parties.

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