The findings and recommendations of a debate on women under the title "The Board believes that women can chart the course of her life and the developm
Added on: 5/20/2013

Has the debate between faculty members and their assistants, students, and the involvement of many of the representatives from outside the university community, reflecting the extent of support and communication between the University of Zagazig, students and professors.
Teams have been configured corresponding gentlemen who attended the sessions of debates Management Unit development projects at the university, which has had a significant impact on the Enlightenment issue raised in the context of the substantive and constructive dialogue and mutual respect.
· Pro team: -
1 - A / Huda Massad Mohamed (first teacher).
2 - A / Suhair Abdel Zaher Abdel Aziz (Department of Education).
3 - A / Noha Mohammed advice (the first secondary teacher).
· Group Exhibitions: -
1 - a / Amani lover (press release).
2 - A / Mohamed Mohamed El Sayed (social worker).
3 - A / Ochelthkim: money (social worker).
· Jury: -
1 - Dr. / Ines Mahmoud Zaki.
2 - d / Ikram Mohamed Abdel Sattar
4 - d / Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Aziz
The result was as follows pro team has won 79% of the vote and the opposition got 84%.
**** Recommendations ****
1 - women can participate.
2 - society deals with women on the basis of justice and not equality.
3 - integrates men with women in life and society.
4 - women's capacity coupled with the participation of everyone.
5 - Women can promote the community through its role in the community.
6 - Participation and cooperation and complementarity between men and women based on the success of the community.
7 - Work on the basis of rights and duties.
8 - both men and women can not work alone.
9 - women and men are two sides of the same coin.

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