D.Mustafa Massad, Minister of Higher Education in a meeting with the family of Zagazig University Date: 04/24/2013
Added on: 5/20/2013

• All hope for you ... A lot of work ... a lot of hope
• Increase the efficiency of workers is an important part in the development system
• young people to work on the development of skills in the field of language and computer
• returning university Guard is not the solution to establish security in universities
• the need for initiatives to market services and the capacity of the university to connect with the industrial and agricultural sectors and livestock in the cities of the Tenth of Ramadan AND FITNESS

Affirmed. Mustafa Massad, Minister of Higher Education, that the aim of the visit is not cut ribbons, but the goal is basically to communicate with university students, faculty and staff to find out the difficulties and problems and work to find solutions to them. Demands during my visits to fifteen University came completely agree .... We are going through a critical phase and political conditions and economic worried worrying. Despite difficult economic conditions, there is a special gains workers, and I think that things are going towards improvement in the coming months to improve the conditions of workers in universities and we are moving in this direction. Conclusion There is a slow improvement and we should not rush to reap the fruits of the revolution with the limited possibilities for universities all that أرجوه, and hope for you a lot of work ... a lot of hope.
This came during his meetings with the family of Zagazig University initiated a meeting and then the student union workers then concluded to meet with deans, in the presence of d. Mohamed Abdel Aal University President Dr. Ahmed Rifai Vice President for Education and students, Wed. Ashraf al-Shehhi Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Wed. Hamid Attia Vice President University for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Ms. Aida Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, Secretary General of the university.
In response to some of the demands of the workers set the children of workers and the appointment of young workers in draft quality Faculty of Medicine, especially in light of severe disability in some jobs, he said: I do not want to generalize this custom in the appointment, the basic principle in recruitment efficiency and need and we have to be patient a little better conditions and opportunities exist to work In the face of rising economy, and most importantly do not even share the adoption of improper knew at the administrative level and regulatory framework, but corrected because he knew unacceptable and shameful, especially after the revolution. And young people to work on the development of language skills in the field of computer and communications.

In his meeting with the Federation of Students, and in response to raise the students' demands and problems come on summit security file within the university, and then students and hospital budget activities and prevent political seminars and university towns and coefficient of the Faculty of Science and University Book prices, etc. .. He said: The regional universities have a heavy legacy of the past Testament represents the lack of capabilities and often watching specific complaints of students in all colleges. Under the circumstances the political arena now become universities suffer from rising expression of the problems and grievances of the expression of quiet to express raucous as in Mansoura University, Ain Shams and Egypt's international and I feel Basie deep of what happened may not take the form of objection These themes and I hope to increase awareness of our students that not to repeat these things and express our opinions in a positive and remains the expression of demands and opinions without prejudice to the security of the university and the students and maintain university facilities, and there is the responsibility of the university administration, students, and the Student Union in order to find mechanisms for communication between students and teachers and leaders undergraduate and necessity of forming a team to manage the crisis and take action In order to activate the role of the Student Union and restore bridges of trust between students and faculty at universities.
The minister pointed out that the university is facing loose moral and chaos and the return of university guards is not the solution to establish security in universities, The Council Top universities interested in the adoption of security in the universities is proposed to be done through the use of the Ministry of Interior for the training of security personnel in universities and the intensification of security and tighten their grip on all the doors of the university and inspect any someone suspected either by hand or electronic devices, and that is done in the framework of civility and wisdom and respect Adamic.
The minister pointed out that there is nothing to prevent the establishment of seminars for political education the basic principle in the order authorizing political activity and prohibit partisan activity because it adversely affects the overall climate among students the university and it comes بالتخوف of occurrence or the outbreak of fights inside any conference disturb the relationship between the students to different party affiliations , .... not partisan propaganda ... not ... nor partisan forms for explicit publicity for the party, which belongs to the guest, not to refer to the other parties and abuse it.
He added that he does not differ a need for the development of political awareness among students and to allow them to do so through various mechanisms such as seminars, lectures and other and be visiting any of the political leaders of the University with a view to political awareness in general and not to achieve certain political objectives.

He began his meeting Bmaya colleges, saying: almost universities to be similar in the inheritance of heavy difficulties and obstacles, universities Square suited for rivalry and expression of opinion vociferously because of what is happening now in Egypt, and is located on you the bulk of the responsibility must therefore be our Capacity chest and patience to face and solve the problems of students, staff and faculty members.
He also noted during the meeting to be a great opportunity for the University of Zagazig in the presence of an industrial city huge is the tenth of Ramadan as well as the city Salehia to connect with these sectors, industrial, agricultural and livestock through the provision of advice to minimize problems where work and that there are initiatives for marketing services and capabilities of the university for these sectors. Must be linkage between industry and university research centers. And complies with these initiatives and the College of Technology and capacity development where it is the tenth city is the customer for this college.
The meeting discussed various topics where each Dean talked about the difficulties faced and his vision for the future development of the educational process and research in their respective fields and in its entirety.
At the conclusion of the visit, the minister, accompanied by the university president and the MPs and deans opened Faculty development and technology to raise the curtain on the plaque for the establishment of the College of Technology, and then he laid the foundation stone for a new hospital emergency which will be held on an area of ​​five thousand square meters height of eleven floors at a cost of $ 300 million pounds.

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