Awareness educational seminar at the College of Education for Early Childhood

  The Faculty of Early Childhood Education at Zagazig University organized, today, an important educational awareness seminar in cooperation with the sectors (Human Rights Administration, Civil Protection Administration, Traffic Department) of the Sharkia Security Directorate, in the presence of Brigadier / Mohamed Adly, Director of the Department of Civil Protection, Dr. Shehta Hosni, Dean of the College of Education For early childhood, in a childhood building in the college, under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of the University.

  Dr. Shehta Hosni stressed the importance of highlighting the important and effective role of the various sectors in the Ministry of Interior in addition to the human and professional dimension and the foundations of work by enriching human rights principles, spreading firefighting awareness, community communication, preserving lives and property, and ensuring the safety of citizens from the dangers of the road.

  Brigadier / Mohamed Adly praised the coordination between the university and the sectors of the Sharkia Security Directorate through various educational seminars with the aim of raising the level of cultural and social awareness among male and female students.

  During his speech, Major / Mahmoud Ahmed Tharwat, representative of the Traffic Department, reviewed an explanation of the traffic law, the meanings of some traffic signs, how to distinguish between them, and some instructions to raise awareness of the dangers of roads and prevent traffic accidents

  Major / Ali Saqwa from the Civil Protection Department discussed the role of civil protection in protecting citizens from the dangers of fires and the different types of fires, how to overcome each type of it, and explaining how to carry out the evacuation plan to preserve lives in the event of a major fire.

 At the end of the symposium, there was an open dialogue with the students and listening to their questions about traffic and their proposals .. The symposium was attended by Dr. Amira Qutb, Vice-Dean for Education Affairs, students, faculty members, their assistants, employees, and a large number of female students in the college.


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