The Measurement and Evaluation Center at Zagazig University announces a training program for preparing and training trainers to work With refugee children in Egypt

  Within the framework of the procedures for the implementation of the Center for Measurement and Evaluation at Zagazig University for the international educational and training project and related to preparing for the launch of a professional diploma according to the mixed education method (direct education, online education) and aimed at qualifying those who wish to be teachers and other people interested in integrating and educating the children of refugees (different communities) Especially the Syrians in Egyptian public schools, in partnership with the European Union (Erasmus +)

The RefTeCp (Refugee Teaching Certification Programme for Egyptian and Refugee Teachers Enabled by Blended Learning)

  The Center for Measurement and Evaluation, under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of Zagazig University, announces the admission of a group of faculty members in the various faculties of education at the university (Education, Specific Education, Early Childhood Education, Physical Education Boys and Girls, Science of Persons with Disabilities and Rehabilitation), stated by Dr. Mohammed Al-Barbari, Director of the Center, adding that an elite of faculty members in colleges of education will be trained in teaching and learning strategies and how to formulate activities accompanying the decisions and curricula of the diploma for preparing professional teachers with a mixed education system who are during or before the service, in order to qualify them and prepare them to work with Children of refugees and children of different communities in Egypt according to the following conditions: To be a faculty member at Zagazig University ,The age must not exceed 45 years. He must pass the personal interview to be determined later. Those who have experience in developing curricula, courses and accompanying activities, prefer to have the skills to apply modern teaching strategies, to have a good level of English. Preferably to have courses Training of Trainers TOT. 

  The CV must be sent to the following e-mail:

            No later than December 15.

  Dr. Mohammad Al-Barbari added that one of the most important advantages that trainers receive after the end of the training period is obtaining a certificate to participate in an international project, obtaining a free training certificate tot for the education of children of refugees and members of different communities,The selection will be made from distinguished  trainees to be a future trainer in the project in addition to financial advantages for the trainers who will be chosen in the project. 


 written by: Maysa Salim


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