Head of the National Center for Social and Criminal Research hosted by the first forum for higher studies and research at the Faculty of Arts, Zagazig

  The Faculty of Arts, Zagazig University will host  tomorrow, Dr. Souad Abdel Rahim, head of the National Center for Social and Criminal Research tomorrow, Monday, to participate in the activities of the first forum for postgraduate studies and research organized by the college under the title "Research Horizons and Community Development under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of Zagazig University, and Dr. Mervat Askar Vice The President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, Dr. Imad Mukhaimar, Dean of the College, where he lectured at a symposium entitled "The role of scientific research in the development of Egyptian society".

  And Dr. Osama Abdel-Bari, Undersecretary of the College of Arts for Graduate Studies and Research, stated that the forum aims to make a qualitative shift in research and human studies through focusing on the societal dimension and employing theoretical trends in the study and analysis of contemporary societal problems according to methodological visions seeking to provide effective proposals It can be taken by decision makers. From here was the interest in the presence of the President of the National Center for Social and Criminal Research in order to The role of the center, which plays a diagnostic and analytical role for the various social phenomena in Egypt with the aim of identifying the research capabilities of graduate students and the supporting staff of the faculty members of Zagazig University and attracting their research directions towards social reality. And introduce them to research trends at the national level.

  Dr. Osama Abdel-Bari explained that the holding of this meeting comes in conjunction with the interest of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of the University and his affirmation of the importance of the University having a prominent role in going down to the ground and field work that the Sharqawi community reaps its harvest on the developmental level. This approach represents a sustainable development role targeted by the state’s orientations and Egypt’s 2030 vision through human investment in researchers and researchers and the formation of young research teams capable of drawing future scenarios for society through their research tools investigating developmental functions for student cadres in the field of graduate studies and curative and preventive functions of societal problems.

  It is worth noting that Prof. Souad Abdel Rahim has held the position of Director of the National Center for Social and Criminal Research since 2017. She was preceded by assuming the position of undersecretary of the Communities and Social Groups Division at the National Research Center in 2012, the head of the Population and Social Categories Division at the National Research Center in 2010, and the advisor to the Minister of Solidarity to work as director of the Community Development Center in New Duqqa in 2008.

Written by Dr. Aida Saeed

Media supervisor

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