University Innovation and Technology Marketing Center - Tyco - organizes a number of important courses

        The Center for Innovation and Technology Marketing at the University of TICO announces the opening of registration for the following courses at the conference hall of the Development Projects Management Unit at the University:

1. The concepts of intellectual property
2. Copyright and related rights
3. Intellectual property and economic and technological development
4. Innovations and ways to protect them
5. Intellectual property protection laws in Egypt and the world
6. Intellectual property in the fields of folk and cultural arts and research resources
7. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and its activities

 For those who wish to register, the form can be filled in the following link with the name of the course to be attended:

 To start the course as soon as the number is completed and will be notified of the appointment.

For technical support contact and visit the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer at Zagazig University
Or contact the unit 's email at

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