The face of electronic rumors on social networking sites in a symposium, Faculty of Early Childhood, Zagazig University

  Under the patronage of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of Zagazig University, the Faculty of Early Childhood Education organized a cultural seminar in cooperation with the Nile Information Center at the State Information Service entitled "Social Media and how to face the electronic rumors". presented by Dr. Shehta Hosni, Dean of the Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Dr. Bassiouny Abdullah Gad, Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Amira Qutb, Vice Dean and Mr. Hussam Hassan Daoud, Nile Media Center in Sharkia.

  During the symposium, lecturers discussed several points on how to confront the electronic rumor, check the rumor and not promote it without studying or checking the background of the rumor source, killing the rumor with a larger rumor such as the claim to kill Hitler, and deny rumors such as the sugar crisis rumor. Refer to the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center to counter malicious rumors, and tighten penalties for those who promote and criminalize rumors. The seminar concluded by answering the questions and queries of the students.

 Media Supervisor

Dr. Aida Saeed


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