A team of the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality in a visit to the laboratory of human medicine Zagazig

  Within the research projects implemented by Zagazig University under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan and under the supervision of the Development Projects Management Unit at the university, a team from the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality visited the Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry and Stem Cells Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University which includes Dr. / Baligh Hamdy,  Eng / Adel Rizk Mohamed - certified international trainer in order to follow the application of the ISO standard for medical laboratories 15189: 2012, and was received by d. Sumaya Hassan Abdullah, Laboratory Manager and Team. 

  Dr. Shireen Essa, Executive Director of the Project Management Unit at the University, said that the team praised with the work progress in the laboratory, and that there is a remarkable response from the management and personnel of the laboratory and the willingness to adopt any observations, and that there is also significant progress in the implementation of the international standard ISO 15189: 2012 for the accreditation of Medical laboratories.
  She pointed out that the laboratory has obtained the accreditation certificate in December 2018 from the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality, pointing out that the accreditation of the National Council "EGAC" is a scientific achievement for the team in addition to the achievements of the Faculty of Medicine and Zagazig University , considering that the National Accreditation Council evaluates the research on the condition of maintaining compliance with the specifications and special requirements and the agreement of mutual recognition between the National Accreditation Council and the International Cooperation Organization for the accreditation of laboratories "EGAC" in the field of medical analysis activities.           

                                                             Media Supervisor

  Dr .Aida Saeed


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