Launching the first international conference for the promotion of health and independence of the elderly at Zagazig University

  On Tuesday morning, October 22, the activities of the first and third annual scientific conference of the Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Nursing Zagazig University in cooperation with the University of Kipangsan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia) and the University of Science and Technology in Yemen (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) kicked off. Under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of the University under the title "Upgrading the health and independence of the elderly" with international participation and the presence of Dr. Mervat Askar, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Nahla El Gammal ,Supervisor of Community Service and Environmental Development Sector and Dr. Shams Al-Azhar Shah, a professor at the University of Malaysia and a large number of professors of medical and nursing faculties in Egyptian universities and military medical academy. And that in the conference room of the Scientific Center of the new surgeon hospital.

  During the opening Dr. Mervat Askar says the world is witnessing a steady increase in the number of elderly people, as the World Health Organization reports that the number of elderly people in the world will double from 900 million to two billion people between 2015 and 2050. In Egypt, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), this age group "over 60" constitutes 6.7% of Egypt's current population, and this percentage is likely to double by 2050, due to medical progress and improvement in living conditions, the development of public health concepts and methods. Prevention and treatment.

 Dr. Mervat explained that the importance of the conference is not one of its theme, which is concerned with promoting the health of a group to which we all hold appreciation and respect because they are parents and grandparents, but also its timing, which comes within the atmosphere of celebrating the International Day of Older Persons on the first of October in recognition of their contribution and achievements in society. As well as to achieve the goals of sustainable development, which will be achieved only if there is inclusion of all age groups and empowerment in all aspects of development. This is not surprising for a college with a distinguished position among the faculties of nursing and has a good academic reputation inside and outside Egypt.

  For its part Dr. Nadia Mohamed Taha, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, said that the aging stage is the most phases of human life that need comprehensive care, physical, psychological and social, hence the interest of civil society institutions and international laws to care for the elderly by providing opportunities for the full development of their potential and benefit from the resources of the educational, cultural and recreational community With the empowerment of the elderly to live in dignity and security without being subjected to any exploitation or abuse, and not to leave them and marginalized it is those who sacrificed to look after the generations that build the nation.         

    In turn Dr. Eman Shoukry, Head of the Nursing Department and Head of the Conference, thanked the participants, expressing her happiness for the first international conference of the Department this year, in order to discuss providing a decent life for our parents in recognition of what they have provided, stressing that the college seeks to achieve its mission in providing nursing education that meets the quality standards, Scientific research contributes to raising the efficiency of health care through the holding of annual scientific conferences, local and international. She added that the conference aims to draw attention to this age group, which contributed to the development of communities and discuss how to improve their health, where during the scientific sessions a large number of research on promoting the health and well-being of the elderly health, health education and prevention of diseases, advanced issues, innovation and modernity in education Nursing of the elderly, by providing best nursing practices and evidence-based practices to promote the health and independence of the elderly.

                                                             Media Supervisor
                                                  Dr. Aida Saeed 

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