A seminar at Zagazig University on the new income taxes due mid-October

  The Administrative Training Center at Zagazig University is organizing a symposium on the new taxes due on income in mid-October within the administrative development pursued by the University in the coming period under the auspices of Dr. Othman Shaalan, President of the University at ten o'clock in the training hall in the third floor of the university administration.

  And prof. Lamia Abdel-Muttalib, Secretary-General of Zagazig University that the purpose of holding this seminar is to inform officials of benefits .. and accounts. On the new in taxes due to income in order to overcome the tax problems with the Tax Authority because every day comes new for taxes on salaries and wages after the application of the new civil service law,  and Dr. Abdullah Kadous, a financial advisor and tax and payroll expert will lecture in it .  Yahya Assal, Director of the Administrative Training Center, said that this seminar is part of the training activities offered by the center to improve the performance of the administrative staff at the university. The center implements a training program for workers in various disciplines to develop their administrative and technological skills.                                        

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