Faculty of computers of Zagazig provides international training opportunities on the latest information technology and computer science for its students

  The Faculty of Computer and Information at Zagazig University offers international training opportunities for students inside and outside the college on the latest information technology and computer science through the implementation of various training activities. And Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University stated that the College of Computer and Information is keen to train as an integral part of the system of the educational process at the college to support all the development of student skills and prepare it to qualify him to be a distinguished graduate according to standards of quality education in the labor market locally and globally through cooperation with companies and bodies concerned.And Dr. Khalid Al-Drandly, Dean of the College, said that the College always works to inform students and train them on the latest developments in the field of technology in the world to cope with the rapid development in the field of computers and information , Adding that representatives of IBM International were hosted at a seminar on software solutions for the training of second and third year students. Dr. Amal Farouk, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, added that the College seeks to connect with regional partners in the field such as IBM and ITI to provide real training opportunities under the supervision of the College to ensure the quality of the scientific material and the seriousness of training. Therefore, the College has provided training opportunities for The instructor and assistant teachers  and teachers through these institutions in the early summer so that they can train students during the months of July and August this year. and  about  the relationship between the College and the company, Mr. Ahmed Abdul-Baki of the IBM team explained that over the past three years has been trained and approved more than 500 students in addition to 45 members of the faculty and their assistants from the College on the latest technologies provided by IBM. A number of software graduation projects or technical support were also supported. As  Mr. Ahmed Abdul Baki talked about the IBM Digital Nation Africa competition to find creative software solutions to pollution problems in Egypt. and Then Ms. Engi Mustafa Darwish presented a set of practical steps to write CV and create a digital interface that helps in recruiting in the right place. The meeting included interactive topics with students and the distribution of the company to some symbolic gifts for students to encourage them. And the honor of d. Nisreen Saber for her efforts in supervising training in previous years . Then Mr. Ahmed Abdul Baki spoke about one of the company's latest technologies unit is Business Intelligence. And Dr. Nisreen Al Saber, the summer training coordinator at the college, explained that this year the second batch will be trained on Mobile Applications (Android), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the third team on Big Data in collaboration with IBM, Networks, Web Front End,Net and  User interfaces and UX / UI experiences with the ITI Institute.

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