Zagazig University participates in the organization of the 13th International Conference of the interdisciplinary engineering disciplines with the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology in Romania

  Zagazig University is organizing the 13th International Conference on Engineering Specialties with the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology (UMFST), which will be held at the Romanian University on October 3-4, 2019 , under the continuous cooperation between the two universities, where two professors from Zagazig Engineering participated in two lectures in plenary session at the opening of the conference as keynote speakers, they are Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Najm, Professor of Civil Engineering and Executive Director of the Center for Crises and Disasters, and gave a lecture entitled "Linking the University with the Green Environment and Industry", and Dr. Ahmed Hussein Ibrahim, Professor of Structural Engineering and He will give a lecture entitled "Administrative Approaches to Industry: A Perspective of Organizational Culture

  This was stated by Dr. Abd El-Bary, President of the University, pointing out that this conference is held annually and  participating in its organization this year four universities, including Zagazig University, which participated in the organization of the Conference 2016, 2017, 2018.  

  And Dr. Mervat Askar, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, added that Zagazig University always strives to build cooperation and global partnership in the fields of scientific research based on its strategic vision in supporting scientific research and development by providing an appropriate environment for scientific cooperation at the international, regional and local levels. And scientific institutions by strengthening cooperation relations with professors and faculty members of the university to achieve a real research partnership.

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