Free courses for sewing and embroidery for women and girls of Tal Rosen village by community service center at Zagazig University

   In order to achieve the social role of the Center for Community Service and Environmental Development, the Center launched yesterday free training courses specifically designed to teach women and girls in Tal Rosen village the skills of sewing and embroidery. The university provides transportation for women and girls from the village to the center.

  And Dr. Othman Shaalan, Vice President of the University stated that this activity comes within the initiative of the development of the village, which is implemented by Zagazig University for three months and work on training the people of the village on professions and skills that raise the economic level for them, He pointed out that the Center for Community Service and Environmental Development was the nucleus of centers and units of a special nature that follow the sector where It started with the introduction of community service sector and environmental development to develop skills in different languages and to provide training on various hand skills in sewing, embroidery, plumbing, carpentry, etc to the university's internal and external audiences from the citizens of Sharkia governorate and the surrounding governorates. The Center is now seeking to develop training courses in new areas such as law, administration and human development.  

  And Dr. Reham Ehab Zayed, Director of the Center said that the duration of the course three weeks, three days a week from 9 am to 2 pm and the training and professional trainers have seen a great turnout, and the Center will continue to register for future sessions.

                                                                Media Supervisor

                                                                  Dr. Aida Said

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