Discussing the graduation projects in the Department of Materials of Zagazig Engineering

  The Department of Materials at the Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, discussed five graduate projects presented by 42 students in civil engineering and construction program under the patronage of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University, Dr. Alaa Atta, Dean of the College and Dr. Sabri Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education Affairs. And students.

   Dr. Soliman Saleh El-Sayed, Head of Materials Department, expressed his satisfaction with the level of projects presented in advance of congratulations to the students and thanks to the families of the materials department for the great effort. He pointed out that graduation projects are part of the research plan of the department which includes reuse of waste to produce new materials. These include iron filings, silica dust and fly dust for the production of high-impact ground concrete and high resistance. As well as the use of iron and industrial fibers to improve the collapse pattern and increase the durability and reduce shrinkage in the concrete exposed to dynamic loads. 

  Dr. Salim Saleh added that the arbitration of the projects was carried out by a committee composed of the department's board comprising Dr. Sabri Ahmed, Vice Dean, Dr. Hussam El Din Mohamed Salam, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Selim, Dr. Amal Abdel Wahab Mohamed, Hussam Salah El Din Khalil, Dr. Ibrahim Attia Sharaky, the professors in the department where the evaluation through follow-up by the supervision committee 50% of the degree of assessment and 50% for discussion through a committee of 3 professors to evaluate the presentation on the project and discuss students in the results reached through the study and Project execution .

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