Training courses on practical problems in the Egyptian judicial system at the Community Service and Environmental Development Center, Zagazig University

  The Center for Community Service and Environmental Development at Zagazig University announced the holding of training courses on practical problems in the Egyptian judicial system (civil and criminal courts and the courts of the State Council and targeting all sectors of the society from administrators to doctors and engineers in all their specialties and leaders of the administrative apparatus in the state In addition to the legal affairs of the administrative system and lawyers of the general and primary table, Law students in the faculties of law  and the administrative body of the various judicial bodies.

  And Dr. Othman Shaalan, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, said that the sector aims in the coming period to work on strengthening the relationship between the university and the community through directing the activities of its units and centers of a special nature, research and service to serve the community and environment development, and provide technical services and consultations in various fields and disciplines Which contributes to the implementation of the development plans adopted by the State in accordance with the strategy of sustainable development - Egypt 2030. The Center seeks to implement non-stereotyped training courses to raise awareness of the judicial system in Egypt to non-specialists in the administrative system and improve the legal aspect of them, as well as presenting practical problems in the Egyptian judicial system for the rehabilitation of graduates.

Dr. Reham Ahmed Ehab, Director of the center said that the training courses lectured by Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hamid Amin, Professor of Civil Law of Zagazig law and the arbitrator of the Union of Arab Lawyers, noting that the course is held on Saturday and Thursday, 8 hours training and the trainee gets a certificate approved by the University of Zagazig can be ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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