Capacity tests for high school students

Physical Education Colleges (Physical Education Faculties):
Two to three days and test the information in the specialty. Last test in the capacity tests:
- Medical test and strength (decent or improper)
- Personal test (decent or improper)
- physical test and skill 70 degrees
- General information test in the 30 degree specialization
Evaluation of medical test, physical strength, tests and skill is the responsibility of each faculty. o
The information test in the specialization includes 10 multiple choice questions per question and one full score, 20 o
A correct question and error is calculated for each question one full grade, so that the physical education test is 30
30 ° (electronically corrected = 1 x 20 + 1 x question and test duration only 45 minutes)
Attendance in sports clothing suitable for sports education tests. o
Conditions for success in the tests: 70% of the total scores of all tests;
As a condition for student success and access to a decent.

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