A special training program for Arab university students with Zagazig Engineering and students praises with the level of training

 The Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University received ten students from Arab universities as part of the training program offered by Zagazig University within the framework of the program of exchange of students of Arab universities, which varied between civil engineering 4 students, electrical engineering 3 students, two students industrial engineering and one student specializing in energy engineering.

 And Dr. Sabri Abdul Rahim Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, said that the students started the actual training on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 according to the program prepared under the auspices of Dr. Ala Atta, Dean of the College and implemented over four weeks in different areas in each department intensively to achieve the maximum benefit from the training.

 For their part, the students praised the training program which meets their needs in each of its specialization and the interest of those who carry out the training in a distinctive manner, which pleased them in addition to the celebration that made them feel that they are among their people.Which always confirms that Egypt is the mother of the world and the homeland of all Arabs.


                                                               Media Supervisor

                                                                  Dr. Aida Said

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