Sports Education Girls Zagazig issued a statement With instructions that are of interest to the secondary students who are taking the capacity tests at the college

  The Faculty of Physical Education in Zagazig issued a statement with the important instructions that must be followed by high school students applying for capacity tests at the college in the academic year 2019/2020.

  Dr. Inas Salim Toukhi, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, said that these instructions are to register the capacity tests during the period from Saturday 6 July to Saturday, 20 July 2019 and determine the dates of performance tests for students and determine the dates of performance tests capabilities available to them electronically through the university coordination site E-mail:

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لجمهورية مصر العربية - بوابة خدمات الحكومة المصرية 2018


  Students who have not made an appointment for the tests will not be allowed to do so, as the capacity tests will be scheduled in different disciplines and the dates will be notified later.

  The students must come to the college at 8 am with the registration application, 400 pounds, 3 pictures of the seating number, a copy of the national ID card, birth certificate, dry pen, 5 personal photos, training suit, T-shirt and trousers and the attendance of the Committee of Textures by Teshirt and Short.

  Dr. Inas Salim that the tests are conducted over 3 days in a row and is permanently forbidden to postpone any test for another day and the need to commit students to instructions, wishing them success.

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