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Faculty of Physical Education Girls
  Games Section

Approved by the Board of the month of April 2019

On Sunday, 4/5/2019, the Games Department Council held its monthly session under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohamed El Sawy in the presence of:
2- Prof. Rabih Mohamed Lotfi. (Member)
3- Prof. Dr. / Taghreed Mohammed Al-Iraqi. (Member)
4- Dr. Hwaida Abdul Hamid Ismail (Member)
5- Dr. Fatima Abu Abdoun (Member)
6- Prof. Alia Mohammed Saeed. (Member)
7- Prof. Randa Shawky Sayed. (Member)
8- Dr. Awatif Sobhy Mohamed. (Member)
9. a. Dr. Zeinab Hathout. (Member)
10 a. Dr. Jehan Mohamed Fouad. (Member)
11- Dr. Iman Abdullah Zaid. (Member)
12- Dr. Azza Ahmed Al-Saeed (Secretary of the Council)
13- Dr. Amal Anwar Abdel Salam. (Member)
14- Dr. Fayza Mohammed Al-Sayed. (Member)
Dr. Suad Abdullah Ezzat. (Member)
16- Dr. Samarmanee (member)
Dr. Manar Al-Islam (Member)
18- Dr. Mona Alaa (Member)
Dr. Lamia Taha (Member)

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On the minutes of the meeting of the previous session
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1- The letter from Zagazig University regarding the approval of the registration of the study: / ​​Sally Ahmed Saad for the doctoral degree and the title of the research the effect of using the form maps (v) to learn some basic skills in table tennis.

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