Professor of Veterinary Zagazig receives the State Encouragement Award in the field of agriculture and food science

  Dr. Rasha Mohammad Reda Mohamed ,Professor of Fish Diseases and Care, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University received the State Encouragement Award in the field of agricultural sciences for the year 2018 . As part of the State Awards in Science and Technology which are awarded annually by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. whose conditions are that the scientific production submitted for this award has scientific value, showing the accuracy of research and originality, and adding to the science something new that benefits the humanity and the homeland in particular and the maximum of five researches.

  Dr. Rasha Reda has submitted to the award with five research papers on improving fish growth and immunity as well as resistance to diseases as well as resistance to polluted environmental conditions through the use of environmentally friendly and beneficial feed additives for fish.

  It should be noted that Dr. Rasha Reda has a distinguished scientific and research activity, as well as membership in a number of boards of directors of some scientific journals and an arbitrator for a number of local and international journals and periodicals, and has already received the award of Dr. Mohammed Faisal Award for Excellence in 2013, and the Excellence Award for International Scientific Publishing from Zagazig University 2014, 2016, 2017.

 The Media Center congratulates and present with best wishes for success .    

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