A seminar to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction and its health and psychological problems at Faculty of Law, Zagazig

  Dr. Othman Shaalan, Vice President of Zagazig University for Community Service and Environmental Development, participated in a seminar on "Awareness of the dangers of addiction and its health and psychological problems" at the Faculty of Law as part of the XVI Environment Festival "Together for Human Building" organized by the University under the patronage of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, University President.

  On the seriousness of the drug and its causes and the possibility of treatment and diagnosis, Dr. Naji Fawzi, professor of mental and neurological diseases, said that there is more than a weekly case addicted to suicide, either directly or through taking doses of increase of narcotic substances, adding that addiction has no social ceiling, an addict exists among all social classes.

  He added that the addict, once he entered the world of addiction,He is no longer have three things: his reputation, his money and his health,Hence, the addict should be have quickly willingly as a first step in the treatment.After that,45 minutes sessions are done twice a week for a month and a half to educate the addict as a patient and needs treatment 
and then move to the stage of purification of the body of toxins and then cognitive rehabilitation to ensure no return to drugs again

  At the end of the seminar, the dialogue with the students was opened and their questions were heard. Dr. Ahmed Omar, Professor of Clinical Toxicology, Zagazig University, Dr. Dalia Amin, a clinical toxicology teacher, answered the students' questions.participate in attendance by Dr. Jamal Issa, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Majdi Jawish, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, and And Dr. Tamam Al-Tohamy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law for Environmental Affairs.


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