A Nigerian delegation visits Zagazig University to discuss ways of joint cooperation

     A Nigerian academic delegation from Niger State University visited Zagazig University on Monday. And they were greeted by Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, University President, Dr. Mervat Askar, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Dr. Mohsen Mustafa, Director of the Center for Foreign Relations to discuss ways of scientific and cultural cooperation between the two sides. The delegation included Professor Mohamed Maitur, Vice President of the University, Dr. Aliou Mohamed ,Director of Academic Planning, Yahya Dutsu, Head of the Arabic Language Department, Mr. Soliman Lehman, Director of Consultancy, and Advisor Abdul Qader Hassan, Advisor for International Cooperation.

        Dr. Abd El-Bary welcomed  with the delegation Noting that our relationship with Nigeria is extended and bilateral relations return to the early sixties after its independence in 1960, where Egypt and Nigeria exchanged diplomatic relations in 1961, which led to the start of diplomatic representation, the opening of the Egyptian cultural center in Kano and the strengthening of relations between the two peoples, especially in the fields Cultural and historical association of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

       The delegation expressed its pleasure at welcoming Egypt's relations with Nigeria, particularly in the framework of the special session that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi gave to African countries, pointing out that Egypt is at the first level in the field of scientific and cultural cooperation with the Arab countries. The delegation expressed the importance of cooperation in the field of teaching Arabic, especially since there are schools where Arabic is taught, and there is a desire to continue studying Arabic in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

    For her part, Dr.Mervet Asker said that the University is opening its doors to all African students and seeks to build bridges of cooperation, pointing out the University's keenness to cooperate with all African universities to enrich the scientific, cultural and scientific life and provide summer courses for teaching Arabic language and scientific visits in addition to degrees (BA - MA - PhD).

    Dr. Mohsen Mustafa added  that Zagazig University   has a tendency to cooperate fully with all African countries and receive students to study in various disciplines to achieve effective communication, and propose different mechanisms to facilitate the procedures of study at the university.

     After the meeting, the delegation was accompanied by Dr. Mohsen Mustafa, and Dr. Mohammed Nabih, Director of the Department of Expatriates and Hisham Al Husseini, Director General of the Department of Scientific and Cultural Relations, Wahid Jawish, the Department of expatriates toured a number of colleges and centers on campus and concluded with the tour to visit the University Museum.



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