Zagazig Engineering students in a visit to the city of Jalal as part of the initiative "Every day is new "

 Zagazig Engineering students  in a visit to the city of Jalal as part of the initiative "Every day is new "

  The Students' Union of the Faculty of Engineering organized a field visit to the city of Al-Jalah and tourist resorts in Al-Ain El-Sokhna on 9 March, with the support and sponsorship of Dr. Khaled Abd El-Bary, President of Zagazig University, and Dr. Alaa Atta, Dean of the College, as part of the "Every Day is New " initiative launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the aim of giving students the opportunity to learn about the country's national projects on the ground, which contributes greatly to the formation of the personality of students and the development of awareness and the spirit of belonging to them and attended by 50 students from different groups and departments under the supervision of Dr. Sabri Ahmed, Undersecretary of the Faculty of Engineering for Education and Students Affairs and Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Raafat, Director of the Department of Military Education at the University.

Dr. Sabri Ahmed said that the visit started at the Majesty Hotel and tourist resorts through all the commercial and service projects that serve the project as well as visit the entertainment places and telebricks  and the most important of the project were presented and explained the operating mechanisms in order to acquire the students' practical experience in relation to their specialties and to have the opportunity to inquire about what they want to know from the information and techniques. 

The visit concluded with a tour inside the University of King Abdullah University, accompanied by First Lieutenant Mohammed Badawi, Director of the Jumah University Project, where he announced that the work will be completed by the end of next month to be opened this year. It includes 13 colleges including Faculty of Engineering, Medical and Dental Arts, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Allied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Human Medicine, Residential Supplement for students, faculty members, Engineering building, conference rooms And a university hospital with a capacity of 300 beds.​

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