Zagazig University participates in the launch of the European Union project on the education of refugee children

  Zagazig University was represented by the Measurement and Evaluation Center at the meeting of the European Union project on the education of refugee children held at the University of Frederick, Nicosia, Cyprus, for three days to build and develop the capacity of teachers to facilitate the integration and inclusion of refugee children in Egyptian educational institutions.

  Dr. Mohammed Awad Al Barbary, Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Center, said that participation in the project was based on the directives of Dr. Khalid Abdel-Bari, President of the University for the Care and Education of the Syrian Community in Egypt Within this vital humanitarian project, Zagazig, Al-Azhar, October 6, Aswan and Heliopolis Universities are participating in the project. and representatives of SEKEM Development Foundation and Tijah foundation, as well as Bath Spa in the United Kingdom and the University of Frederick of Cyprus.

  During the meeting, in which Zagazig University represented Dr. Mohamed Awad Al-Barbary Director of the Center for Measurement and Evaluation and Dr. Islam Hamid ,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a proposed vision was put forward for the role of the university in the rehabilitation and training of teachers who wish to work with this important and vital sector, which highlights the role of Egypt towards regional and global issues under the umbrella and philosophy and concepts of intercultural and multiculturalism.In the light of the SWAT Analysis, the role of the university in the preparation of teachers and training them to work in different stages of education has been reviewed by benefiting from the role of the faculties of education, quality education, sports education for boys and girls, early childhood education and the faculty of disability and rehabilitation. And then achieve the content of the educational containment of different nationalities, especially members of the Syrian community, which numbers up to about 250 thousand educated in various educational stages. In addition, a proposal was presented by Zagazig University for the establishment of a professional diploma for a one-year academic year for the holders of a bachelor's degree.and it has been rated by Project participants of different nationalities.

  On the sidelines of the meeting, several workshops were held, visits to Camp Covina of the Larnaca region and visit of the Vanirumini School for the reception and education of refugee children in Nicosia, Cyprus.



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