The Strategic Planning Unit at Zagazig University begins the discussion meetings of the research plan 2019/2024, Faculty of Science

  Based on the State Plan 2030 and within the framework of the timetable prepared by the Strategic Planning Unit at Zagazig University, with instructions of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University to study and discuss the research plan for the University 2019/2024 and its compatibility with research plans colleges, today began the first meeting of the Faculty of Science in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Al-Iraqi, Dean of the College and Dr. Mohamed Sherif, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and Dr. Zakaria Hassan, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies,
  And Dr. Madiha Wassef said that based on the mandate of Dr. Mervat Askar, Vice President for Higher Studies The unit carries out intensive meetings in all faculties of the university for two months to discuss the research plan axes which depend on the development of all the problems that facing Sharkia society , Pointing out that the preparation of the plan through six axes consistent with the orientations of the state in the areas of scientific research, such as new energy and renewable energy, water resources, management and desalination, medical science in liver disease and obesity, biotechnology science and technology nano, agricultural sciences, food sources, information and communication technology.
  For his part, Dr. Mohammed Al-Iraqi, Dean of the College, instructed the heads of departments to hold immediate departmental councils and develop the axes that correspond to the plan and prepare the response for each department within two days to find out what is presented in the research plan and its role in serving the local community. As the Faculty of Science is strongly related to most of the needs and requirements of citizens' lives from the geological research of new sources of water and its role in preserving the environment from pollution and recycling of agricultural waste, as well as that Egypt is on a nuclear reactor and in need of a distinguished graduate in accordance with special needs in nuclear fields .
   During the meeting, the proposed plan for the departments of the Faculty of Science was presented by Dr. Azza Abdel Aziz in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Sanad, Head of Botany Department And Dr. Abdullah Fathi ,Professor Emeritus and Dr. Hassan Mustafa, head of the Department of Mathematics and Dr. Abdullah Al Sayed, Head of Animal Section and Dr. Mohamed Shehata, Head of Geology Department and Dr. Khalid Mohammed Saeed, Quality Management Coordinator

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