Vision campaign is a right for every citizen carried out by Zagazig University conducted 44 surgeries during a month

  Vision campaign is a right of every citizen carried out by  Zagazig University  under the auspices of Dr. Khalid Abd El-Bary, President of the University and  Dr. Abdel Moneim Abu Shark, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, began her work on Thursday, January 31, 2019 in her third round, where 13 surgeries were conducted by Dr. Haitham al-Nashar, Dr. Tamer Mahmoud, and Dr. Ashraf Borai.
  This was stated by  Dr. Mohammed Bahgat Awad, Vice-President of Zagazig University former and Director of the project of the campaign, pointing out that during the month since the start of the campaign was conducted 44 surgeries in the Zagazig University Hospital with a dispensary for each case provided by the pharmaceutical companies contributing to the campaign  With a success rate of 100%, adding that it is scheduled to conduct 100 processes during the next two weeks in one of the private centers participating in the campaign

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